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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Studio Upgrade Begins

Sewing and working in the studio is like sitting in a brown paper bag.

Since Wil has claimed part of the garage for his new woodworking shop, we are reorganizing some of the storage units out there.  A four foot double drawer with a laminate worktop will be moving in to my studio.  This means the bar that we have never used as a bar, which currently holds boxed projects is slated to leave.  I will gain better storage and another counter height work surface - YAY!!

The shuffling around is a perfect time to address the wood walls. They are stained pine, real wood, but not finished with a sealer of any kind.  The attract dust and absorb light.  I've been wanting to lighten these for some time and this weekend turned out to be the time to start. 

I am using a Antique White stain by Varathane. 

The shadows make the color look more uneven in the picture. I'll be finishing it with 2 coats with polyurethane in a satin finish. More changes are coming but getting the walls underway is a welcome start.

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