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Monday, November 16, 2015

The Other Workshop Project

No, not Santa's Workshop!

Over the Summer, the DH has put together a respectable woodworking shop in the garage.  Now that Fall has arrived, he has time to work on a few projects.  The first on the list was a saddle stand for me.

Originally, I thought I wanted it made out of cherry or hickory or maple...until I priced the lumber. OUCH!!  Since the stand is really for using not show, pine won the lumber selection contest.  

Design style was discussed, measurements were made, wood was cut and sanded, and sanded, and sanded. Rinse & repeat.

Eventually, the pieces were assembled & I was the proud owner of a new spiffy saddle stand!  This past weekend was my turn to do the finishing work on it. I didn't get any before pictures but here is the during picture - after staining and before polyurethane top coating.

It's turning out great & I LOVE it!!! 

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  1. Brilliant! It's good to have something made to your own specifications.