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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Zero to Twelve in Twenty-Four

That's zero to twelve inches of SNOW in just twenty-four hours!  BRR!!!

Usually our first snowfall is a little trace of snow that swirls around on the dry grass.  Not this year!  This was what's referred to as Heart Attack snow - heavy, packing, waterlogged snow.

It started late Friday afternoon and ended Saturday afternoon.  We knew it was coming - the usual weather warnings were on TV.  DH & I were prepared - food & supplies stocked for the weekend so we didn't need to go out for anything.  No reason to be out on the roads.

Hopefully, that was our big snowfall for the season...but I doubt it.


  1. Look at all the lovely fresh white snow - love it! We only had 4 inches, sigh....the chickens where wandering around in it playing. Happy Thanksgiving!

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