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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Barn-ette Quilt

It done! 156 little squares contained on a 24" square of wood - just needs several coats of clear protective finish & it will be ready to deliver & get hung in place.
I did have an 'AH HA' moment. Remember that in order for my design to fit the predetermined size (already cut & primed the wood square), I ended up with a 5/8's inch grid. The entire square surface had to be marked - how to do that as accurately as possible?  With a quilt ruler of course - DUH!!  Sometimes it takes a minute or two for the logical side of the brain to catch up with the creative side, especially with a lack of sleep & no where near enough tea factored into the equation.
I used Behr interior paint samples, starting with matching the Behr Barn Red to an interior Behr color, then finding a golden yellow & a forest green.  I used white to create the two lighter cream shades & the lighter green. I thought originally I was going to use 3 shades of green but I didn't like the lightest shade so I cut it from the palette. To achieve the middle red, I mixed the Poppy red with the barn red color - it's okay but could have been just a hint brighter.
 Several hours later...
Here's the finished barn-ette quilt on point.

Here it is square - Not sure which way I like it better.

Most barn quilts I've seen are usually done with larger pieces - less complicated/busy blocks. But they are also much, much larger & on the side of a big, big barn. Since this is going on a barn-ette and Irish Chain is one of Martha's favorite quilt patterns - I couldn't resist doing this design.

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  1. The barnette quilt is perfect, I love it and can hardly wait to see it installed. Not sure which way I like it either but I am leaning towards the square version. Beautiful work! Thank you dear lady.