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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

On the Road to AQS Quilt Week Grand Rapids!

Yesterday was departure day for my trip to American Quilt Society's Quilt Week in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  A total of 227 miles to Grand Rapids, 121 miles down - 106 miles to go. And that will make it a very early morning tomorrow if I want to get there before the 9 am opening, which of course I do!

Today, in exchange for my overnight way stop I have some lawn mowing & yard work to do. And then there's some quilt designing, a book to read, a glass of wine, some hand piecing I brought along and a dvd or two to keep me company.  The hand piecing project has been ongoing, or more accurately off and on-going for a few years. It's a project I started while my husband was hospitalized for hip surgery. That turned in to 6 surgeries in 26 months time. I would carry it along to hosopital, dr. appts., therapies sessions & occasional car rides.  Wil made the leather pouch that I carry it in, which protects the sharp pointy bits and fits into my backpack.

The fabric came from a five fabric fat quarter bundle of the blues & fairy frost white  - I added the purple for a bit of spark - from Emmatown Fabrics in Emma, Indiana. It's a neat little Amish general store that carries a bit of everything from clocks to thread.  They have a large selection of polyester fabrics for clothing and a nice selection of cottons for quilting.  I've since purchased more yardage of the fabrics as I wasn't orginally sure what it was going to be.  I decided - what the heck, let's make a full size quilt out of only 5 (then 6) fabrics, hand piece & hand quilt it and make it out of 2" cut squares so they finish out at an inch and a half.  It alternately goes fast and slow and sometimes grinds to a halt for a bit. I'm only carrying some of the project with me - there is a stack of 16 patches at home.

I also need to do some color matching for my next barn quilt - well, really a shed quilt. Once I match the current shed color to a paint sample I can build my palette. Here's the shed - just standing there waiting for some embellishment.

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