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Friday, September 27, 2013

Beagle Drama, Baking for the Road Trip and Arcs, Arcs, & more Arcs!

Thursday, September 26, 2013 Post - late because of picture delay - GRRR!

Here is Himself - doing oh so much better than Tuesday.

This is Hobbes, our beloved 14 year old Beagle stretched out on the couch, under the influence of some feel good meds from the vet, and resting comfortably.

I have several more gray hairs and crashed at 7:30 last night after the stress of worry and the vet visit.
We are truly blessed to have an excellent vet, though his office is about an hour away, who has been taking amazing care of our senior citizen for the last 8 years. Dr. Chris is down to earth, practical and thorough.  Hobbes is in remarkable shape but has some old age issues, the primary concern is arthritis. Ninety-nine percent of the time, you wouldn't know that that is an issue and then he does something stupid like jump off the couch like a flying beagle or his brother bowls him over. And then we're off to the races - meds, supportive care, altering his exercise/movements, etc.  The first episode was a year and a half ago & that one was bad - we had to carry him up & down stairs.  This episode was concerning because he presented with different symptoms, primarily his neck & shoulders but not very severe.  Thankfully, a few days of meds and rest (and extra dog treats, of course) will make everything all better.  That and a little box of hair color for Mom ;)

This morning has been devoted to my new baking obsession - Scones! 

I made a test batch from a new recipe last week & subjected the friends to the results, with positive reviews.  Tomorrow is departure day for the latest Road Trip so I decided to make some scones - 6 batches, four flavors (Cranberry Orange, Blueberry Lemon, Apricot and Heath Bar)!  DH has tasted 3 of the flavors & has a container of them to hold him over while I'm gone. The kitchen looked like a bomb went off and there was a heavy cream disaster but counters wipe off & the store is five minutes away - all is well.

This afternoon will be all about ARCS!! The hand stitching them down to the background, that is.  I've been working on them in between things all this week but you have to wait for more progress for a picture. There are 50 separate ARCS and I'm not quite half way done with them - they go rather slowly but I didn't want them machine stitched so I'm persevering.

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  1. Ah, scones and tea how lovely. Glad that Hobbes is feeling better now. Enjoy your big trip with the girls.