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Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Tale of Two Greens and Everything & the Kitchen Sink, er, Table.

This is currently on the wall.  This will one of my entries for the NY Mod Quilt Guild DWR Contest.  I am using Cherrywood Hand Dyed Fabric - the Renaissance colorway with a pop of green on a honey background. So far the arcs are only basted on - they will be hand appliqued.
Did you notice the two different greens?  I tried out 3 greens and decided on the lightest one. Made 6 large square junctions and cut 6 of the 11 small junction rectangles.  And they just didn't look right, so I left them there and looked at them and ignored them and looked at them and still couldn't decide. I replaced the center square with the mid shade and looked at it some more. Then I had my DH look at them to see which he liked better - he was unusually noncommittal - WHAT?!!  I need help here, Man! 
But late Thursday night as I headed downstairs without turning on a light, there was enough light from upstairs to remove the color so I could see the value.  And the light green lost - it just total washed out into the background.  So today I am cutting out the new medium green junction pieces.  We are visiting with friends tonight so I might just get some actual sewing on the arcs done.
You might ask why I didn't start the new green pieces yesterday - because I went to a Quilt Show!!  The Northwest Suburban Quilters Guild held their biennial show yesterday & today.  What a nice show!  They had over 300 quilts hanging, with 6 different categories for competition.  In addition to the 26 vendors, the Guild had old magazines, books, patterns and of course, fabric for sale. 
And then we finally have a kitchen that is 95% done!! 

DH finished the flooring, we moved the appliances back into their places, and installed the new kitchen table set.  All that's left is the shelves and outlets & outlet covers. WOOHOOO!!!  And that's Zappa in the bottom picture, along with the cats favorite toy - brown paper bags.


  1. The new quilt is starting to take shape. Not sure I understand why you are using the beige background - this is NOT like you so I am assuming it is a requirement.

    Your new kitchen is shaping up beautifully! Love the back splash tiles!

    1. The beige is honey gold - the lighting is so not the best in the sewing area. I'm going to photograph this one outside when I get it done. Thanks.

  2. Zappa could be our Brooke! Is that a splash of white on her chest! Brooke has three...one on her chest, a big one on her belly and another splash highlighting her very private place...pink blush!
    I checked your website after your comment was left about the quilt Melody made for me. Isn't it gorgeous?

    1. Hi Bonnie, Zappa has a tiny bit of white on his chest & exactly 7 white hairs on his belly - that's it. And in the right light you can actually see his black tabby stripes in his black coat. Your new Melody quilt is absolutely perfectly beautiful!