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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fun with my Featherweight!!

I can free motion on my Singer 221 Featherweight!!!
Okay, I *knew* it was possible because I did it at a quilt show but now I *know* I can. 
And because I really love my FW, here is her picture. 

She is a beautiful 1957 machine that I found on eBay.  I really need to do more sewing with her - machine should not just sit around. They need to be cleaned, oiled and run on a regular basis. 
I should mention that while I machine quilt all the time - I am a mostly straight line quilter.
My 'sun rays' can be quite intense.

And I think I set a record for 'quilt-stop-turn-quilt' on this quilt

My problem with free motion quilting is letting go of uber-control and just go with the flow.  I can do it and will do it.  Its a matter of deciding to learn a better skill, putting in the time, practicing, creating muscle memory and building one skill set on top of another.  Oh yeah, and remembering to BREATH!
While roaming around blog-dom, I came across Diane Gaudynski's blog.  I love her 'Yes you can & you can on a regular home sewing machine' approach to machine quilting and now own both of her books, which I had read before from the library.  I am starting with some practice pieces (see above), which are the cut-offs of backing & batting of larger quilt projects.  I'm also dating the samples so I can document my hopeful progress and which machine I used on which sample.  The first sample were done on my 6510 and are not shown here - that will be a later post - stay tuned.

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