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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I Fixed It!!!

Now, I'm a fairly bright person - or at least I like to think so, but maybe not.

I have *finally* fixed the Follower section on my blog so people can follow along & I can see you them.

I previously had the Google + Follower on my page since that was the gadget listed under basic gadgets but hadn't engaged my Google+ profile and didn't want to, so it just sat there, doing nothing.

This morning I got to searching around, asking help, digging deeper and low & behold I found regular old Followers.  Of course, I would have never thought it was buried under More Gadgets, past the Daily Puppy, the Universal  Translator and the Temperature Converter gadgets but there it was.

And now it's where it belongs!

Maybe some more steaming arcs and basting today. Definitely more flooring to be done - we are inching our way to the kitchen.  It's slow going.  We've done enough home renovation to understand that nothing is square or plumb as house do settle. But the hallway wall actually flared out at one end so we'll see how the kitchen does. We replaced the base cabinets already so we have some idea but one never knows until you're right there working on it.

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