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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Road Trip Recovery

We made it back from Shipshewana!!

Everyone in the group had a really good time and they are already planning a longer trip next time. There is just no way to fit everything into one day. It was another marathon 36 hour road trip with lots of shopping - fabric (from Lolly's Fabrics) and horse stuff and model horses and baked goods and some more fabric (from A Little Bit of Lolly's)and spices and seasonings and clothes - OH MY!!!  With all the shopping, I forgot to take pictures of the adventure - My Bad!
One of the highlights was a ride on the1906 Dentzel Carousel on the third floor of the  Davis Mercantile
My friend Pam was on this trip as a co-trip director and all I got was this tee shirt ;)
ARC Update - All 50 Arcs are *finally* appliqued to the background!!  Only 29 green junction pieces to go before I layer and quilt. So I need to start thinking about how on earth I going to quilt this one. 

And it's time to start planning this week's road trip - Iowa looms ahead.

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