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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Barn-ette Quilt Revisited and Here I Go Again

I have realized that all this road tripping is cutting into my quilting time - not that I am going to stop my mini trips anytime soon. Just an observation. I wonder if I can reallocate some cleaning time to quilting time...
Looking back over my recent posts, I discovered I never shared the barn-ette quilt installed in it's new home after the road trip to deliver it.  So I shamelessly borrowed the picture from Martha's site  Thistle Rose Weaving (check it out - her weaving is awesome) so I could post it here.
Copyright Thistle Rose Weaving 2013
Martha's Irish Chain variation barn-ette quilt
I think it looks good against the barn red barn, but I may be a tiny bit biased.  I still have to design & paint the one for the Michigan shed.  I do have a few ideas percolating on that one, just nothing on paper yet.
And YES, I am going on another whirlwind Road Trip this week.
I will be trekking west, over the Mississippi River, across the plains of Iowa to......Des Moines!!   I am fortunate to be able to head out to the AQS QuiltWeek in Des Moines to see my quilt hanging with 111 others in the first Modern Quilt Challenge.  I already packed spare camera batteries.
Departure is set for T minus 21 hours. 
YIKES!  I better go pack something!


  1. I adore my barnette quilt! Enjoy your trip and please take lots of pictures.

  2. Hopefully, many pictures will be taken & posted soon.