A View of My Quilt Life

Friday, October 25, 2013

Playing with stripes

Using a printout of my computer aided layout, I scrambled around on the floor until I had this.
ICK!!!  Some of the darks are mediums and some of the mediums are light and the oranges are really strong even in their light blocks so now what??
I picked everything up off the floor, sat back, took a deep breath and tried to figure all this out, by making a pro/con list.
What I didn't like was easy: Not enough true darks and lights. Too many mediums in this.  I was going for scrappy and this is more crappy. The list goes on and on.
For the harder part - what I liked.  I liked the interplay within a given color. HMMMM.... Maybe I was going about this all wrong. Maybe the small blocks needed to be bigger blocks of the same color and then I could figure out a layout of the bigger blocks of color - more like the original inspiration quilt., which I decided I could do 'better'.  Apparently not.  So, I started playing within the colors, laying out 9 patches.
I'm liking these better.  Let's see where this leads.  It better lead somewhere quick cause I'm ready to see this come together.  Maybe a narrow black sashing between the blocks to pop the color.  Time to sit down and sew and stop thinking so much and let the fabric lead me.
On another front, I have the silk color matched to color pencils so I can start sketching. Not sure if I want traditional or contemporary on this one.  We'll have to ponder that a bit.  


  1. Maybe you should pack the quilt pieces away in a box, put them on the shelf and let them percolate for a year or so. Think you might be pushing yourself too hard to finish this quilt and the quilt is not ready to be finished yet. Hope you are feeling better. Off to work in the yard - we had a super hard frost last night and I need to clear out the what is left of the gardens.

  2. Yes - I thought about that but the closet is full ;).