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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall - the Sequel

FALL has moved indoors.

Love the colors in the gourds, most of them picked by DH. He has a really good eye for color - very helpful to a quilter wife!  Not pictured is the inside carving pumpkin which will be carved into an as of yet unknown design for Halloween.
The car has officially been cleared of the Fall decorating material & I have recovered my beloved Atlas from the DH's car! 
It is back where it belongs - in it's zipper bag, hanging on the back of the passenger seat in the Flying Toaster (Honda Element). So I am ready for my next Road Trip!!
 Yes - that's the designated truck quilt. 
It's called "Flying Over Hawaii", a pineapple variation done in Cherrywood Fabrics, paper foundation pieced and machine quilted.

 Living in the north part of Illinois, one learns to be prepared for Winter travel and why not do it with a little quilt style.
Still feeling like a limp dishrag, Still working on the Summer Stripes layout...

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