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Friday, October 11, 2013

Iowa Trip Part 2

In the previous post, I was in Des Moines for the AQS QuiltWeek but alas, I had to head back home at some point. So rather than try to do the whole trip in one day, I decided to spend a night in Iowa to see some other sights.  But where, oh where would that be. 
Research mode kicked in & I decided it would be best to head back part of the way on Wednesday evening rather than facing the whole drive Thursday morning.  So, I ended up in

 Kalona, Iowa - the largest Amish settlement area west of the Mississippi.  I stayed at the local motel - clean & friendly.
 I arrived pretty much just in time to see this sunset over the corn field across the highway from the motel.
Kalona is a nice little town with a couple of quilt shops, which I unfortunately didn't have time to stay until they opened Thursday morning.  But the whole town celebrates their quilt heritage.
They have a quilt block walking tour around the whole town, showcasing 42 different quilt blocks done in brick on the sidewalks, measuring 6 feet square
 One of my favorites - Blue Dahlia.
Double Wedding Ring 
 This one is called Kalona Star

Log Cabin

And around the countryside, there are barn quilts of course. I found this one right on Highway 22, heading into nearby Riverside, Iowa.
Riverside, Iowa has an interesting claim to fame.  Any Trek fans out there?
And finally, on my way out of town, I did a double take, drove around the block & had to stop and get a picture of this.
I mean just how often do you see a 600 lb. cast aluminum chicken? 

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