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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Computer Layout Help

My knees are thanking PowerPoint! Rather than crawling all over the floor yesterday, endlessly rearranging 200+ blocks, I was able to sit back on my comfy couch lounger and let my fingers do all the work.
And its a good thing too, because the layout I thought would work really well is crap - disjointed on the ends and muddled in the middle, especially since some of the 'darks' are actually light-ish and the mediums are somewhat arbitrary.  
 And then I thought I'd try the reverse of the partial layout on the floor last week - Not doing it for me.
 Looks like this one is the winner!  Especially since I can adjust some of the lighter 'darks', focus on value and not be totally distracted by color - hopefully. We'll see.
But then there's the matter of those pesky setting triangles. Whatever am I going to do about them??  It's a SURPRISE...mostly to me. HA!  Do I do dark setting triangles on the dark side and light triangles on the light side?  Am I adding a narrow black border after that? And then a piano key border outside that? And how are the piano keys arranged - darks on the dark side, lights on the light side?  More questions than answers!
The plan is to start sewing the blocks into rows for now.  Right after I get back down on the floor and arrange the blocks into the actual real life setting and organize the rows of blocks into piles. I'm sure since I'm not quite up to snuff, I'll have lots of four footed help.
Happy Thursday!

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