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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Blowing in the Wind

The Sauder Village Triple Windmill Challenge needs to be done by the end of April.  I've had the fabric and a 'vision' since last May.  Up until this past weekend, all I had done was the washing of the fabric and making the paper foundations. 

Since the weather had taken a turn back to cold, damp and windy, it was a great quilting weekend.  

I started with the largest block to work out the angles of the block. 

So many colors had to be narrowed down.  The large block was destined for bright and warm colors.

The block foundation was cut apart into sewable sections. Thank goodness for glue sticks! 

They progressed rather quickly by continuously chain piecing.

Once the sections were pieced and trimmed, they were joined using the partial seam method.

The big block done - 12 inches square

I moved on to the violet blocks.  These blocks are spinning in the opposite direction and measure at 8 inches finished.

Two violet blocks done.

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  1. Those fabrics look lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.