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Monday, March 2, 2015

Tack Sale Recap!

The weekend was all things horse tack!  My poor sewing machines are missing me something awful. And to add insult to injury, they were all removed from the sewing table so I could use it for cleaning used tack to sell. I promise the return of quilty things very soon!!

This was the last of the local 4-H club's tack sales that we will be attending.  Of course, local is a relative term!   Saturday was the first time I attended one here in Illinois - only 20 minutes from home.  It was small, having only about 20 vendors.  

Since I arrived first, I quickly scoped out the offering.  a few interesting things but I thought it would be good to call the friends before they made the trek from Wisconsin.  While we debated whether or not they should head down, I spotted a saddle.

Two weeks ago, P's husband T mentioned that he's been some reading and research, he wanted to find an Australian stock saddle to be his primary trail saddle. And I accepted the challenge to do what I could as Shopping Maven - the hunt was on!

The saddle I found at the tiny tack sale was a 19 inch two tone (black and brown) Aussie with a horn.  I measured, I checked condition, I texted pictures and then hoped that no one else would snatch it up before they got there! 

Since T had never sat in an Aussie before, we were uncertain on the proper size.  And what may be comfy to me might be uncomfortable to P, even though we are both women of about the same size & shape.  There was no way to tell if this saddle would be a serious option for T, until he sat it - it's all about anatomy and individual taste.

Our luck held - the saddle was still there when they walked through the door.  Now the testing and the talking and the trying out. Then the negotiating. It is a wide tree, having been used on a draft mix so it should be fine for most all the horses T rides. The price was quite a good deal but all parties were happy, shook hands, agreed

And YES! - T had his new, used Australian stock saddle.  The Shopping Maven carved another notch in her belt!

Oh, and P & I both picked up a nice $10 set of reins.

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