A View of My Quilt Life

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My Mommy Dresses Me Funny

Drake has been having an ear issue.  The recent round of antibiotics has apparently upset the delicate balance of normal ear gunk.  I stupidly thought his system could handle the meds without yogurt being added to his diet.  Not so much! 

Wil started the yogurt therapy but Drake's ears are itchy and he's scratching them. And scratching them.  While we were both out of the house on Sunday, he managed to create quite a raw bald spot behind his right ear. 

When I saw that, I knew it was time for a different tactic.  I treated the boo boo, tended to his ears, clipped his nails back, grinding them smooth and then got busy at the sewing machine.  No - no HSTs or machine quilting. Not this time.

A much more practical bit of sewing needed to be done first.  It was obvious we needed a physical barrier so Drake could scratch while he healed.  I DETEST the nasty plastic Elizabethan collars used for things like this on cats & dogs. 

They are big and cumbersome and uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous. And plastic. 

Yes - they make fabric ones. But I am not about to shell out $20 or more for a bit of fabric and the hope it fits okay. Not to mention I would have no idea what kind of fabric it was made from.  I had some extra cotton twill (soft & breathable), batting scraps and Velcro already on hand.  Twenty minutes later, Drake had a custom fit, quilted squishy hood. 

He can eat and drink and sleep comfortably in his hood.  It has the brim folded back a good inch and a half but it can be unfolded for more protection if needed.  His flat buckle collar is slipped into a sleeve at the bottom.

Most importantly, while his Mommy may dress him funny, his ears and neck are protected. The cats reaction to his new wardrobe was quite funny, though we didn't get pictures of it. They were convinced he was a large alien creature.  They calmed down once I folded the brim back & they could see his face and eyes better.

He'll be sporting his spring bonnet for a few days.


  1. Poor Drake, sorry to hear he is not feeling great. How appropriate that Drake's new hat is Irish Spring Green, just in time for St. Patrick's Day!

  2. Such a good mommy! He still looks adorable!

  3. Good idea! That looks much more comfortable than the plastic ones do.