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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Stitching - of a Different Sort

Yes, I know I am supposed to be quilting. 

Yes, I know I have 2 Challenge quilts and a full size Auction quilt to make.

Yes, I know the machine Quilting is not yet finished on Chirp, Chirp.

BUT I just couldn't put this down.  I NEEDED to see if I could do this. 

My brain needed to stretch in a different creative direction.  Maybe I am hoping it will help cure the design standstill I’m having with the Triple Windmill Challenge.  Or maybe, just maybe I wanted a new pretty for my horse without spending much money – just in time for the spring fun show in April.

I progressed from chain stitch and single crochet on this sample to double and then triple crochet.

This sample is the square mesh stitch,

And finally we have the netting stitch.

Hopefully with a little more practice and some careful study of my sample fly bonnet, I’ll be able to make my own version.Hmm, maybe I need to try a smaller hook, too.

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