A View of My Quilt Life

Monday, December 14, 2015

Going Green

Finally sat at the sewing machine and spent some time with fabric. YAY!!!

Wee Greenies for the Miniature Quilt
I missed the link up/update from Week 2 of the Bonnie Hunter Winter Mystery Quilt - I'll get back to that later.  

Clue #3 was four patches. Click HERE to see everyone's progress on their MQ. Check out the other colorways quilters are using - some stayed with Bonnie's colors and others went off on their own path.

I'm LOVING the lime and neutral together!

I originally planned for the lime to be scrappy, not constant. But I LOVE this lime batik - plan changed! More pieces and parts to share tomorrow.


  1. The lime is such a fresh colour. Looks great!

  2. Looking forward to see them both come together.

  3. Beautiful little four patches, love your colors.

  4. Very nice post and your choice is awesome..I really like it.Thanks for sharing.