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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Happy Winter Solstice 2015


Yes, I am a day late on this but I was busy enjoying the fact that the days will now be growing longer here in the Northern Hemisphere.  Not that we can really tell since the Sun has been hiding behind a whole lot of grey skies lately.

As I type this, it's raining...again.  While I grateful it's not coming down as snow, (we'd be buried up to the roof line by now), the ground is completely saturated.  

The paddocks at the barn are really muddy.  I brought some home with me last night. 

Tracked some into the studio - ARGH! 

Come on SUN!! 

 We need you to dry us out a bit here.  You can keep the snow though.  I won't mind.

Oh, and Happy 500th Blog Post to Me!!!!

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  1. Happy 500th post!

    And happy winter solstice, too.