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Sunday, December 27, 2015

'Twas the Day After Christmas...

And all through the house, 
all the creatures were stirring 
cause Mom was up and heading out. 

Dressed all in layers, 
with boots laced up tight, 
no stores on her radar, at morning's first light. 

The miles clicked by as the truck went north, 
the time she did bide, 
for at the destination would be a different kind of ride.

Yes - sewing plans got short circuited yesterday as I arranged to fit in a riding lesson in the morning at the last minute. 

Then the afternoon was spent with DH as our planned date day  (bookstore, tea shop, World Market) moved a day earlier.  That means I have a big chunk of time today for sewing!  I am not leaving this house!

This is where I left off on the Mystery Quilt Clue #4 pieces late on Christmas Day - not completely finished.

Clue #5 released yesterday morning so I'll be tackling that as well.  With all the leftovers, I won't have to cook which means more time to sew! 

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