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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sharing isn't Always Easy

Or Neat, as I'm finding out.

For several months, I've been working from home.  I commandeered my studio space for office work space.  You would think that since I've been doing this for awhile, I would be used to it. 

And that would be - NO!  

From July to the end of October, I was spending my 'good' weeks working up at the Michigan house.  

It conveniently had more room to spread out - work equipment in one spot and sewing stuff in another. Space sharing wasn't an issue.

The other weeks during that time frame really weren't conducive to sewing, so sharing the home studio wasn't an issue.

Fast forward to now.  Things are busy with the Mystery Quilt, a big project with work & commuting to the office some days, battling my nemesis, Fatigue, and of course, the Holidays.  I'm keeping up with everything. It's not always pretty but I'm keeping up.

Or so I thought, until I needed to plug in the mini iron.  I looked down at my power strip and saw this:


Really??!!  A rat's nest of black cords!  I count 2 different laptop power cords, a monitor power cord, a monitor video cable, a charging cord for my bluetooth, 2 different sewing machine power cords & attached foot pedals, and the bobbin winder power cord! 

Not to mention the bobbin winder, a monitor and a keyboard.  And WHY are all the cords black?  I going to have to attach color coding tape to more easily identify which cord goes to what.

Not quite as in control as I thought I was. It's clear I have some maintenance work to do. 

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