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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mystery Quilt - Part 4

I'm pleased to be sharing my progress on Week 4 clue of the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt.  Click HERE to see others progress on their quilts. 

I *thought* I'd be a little further along - like completely done with these units, but that just didn't happen.  And that's okay!!

The past weekend had me out & about finishing up the Christmas shopping.  And I also did the regular shopping.  That's something I haven't had to do this a whole lot in quite some time.  The DH usually handles this chore - he loves to add extra sweet treats to the grocery list. 

But... he's broken again. DANG!!!  Something he did or didn't do or shouldn't have done tweaked out his back but good. He is going for an MRI on Wednesday night to see what is aggravating his sciatic nerve.  His left leg is being effected - his good leg.  DANG!! 

I'll be shopping again this week for our Christmas meals.  I want to find some of his favorite foods with a few extra special things.  The four days I'm off for Christmas this week look like they are going to be really low key, focused on spending some quiet quality time together, hanging out with the furry kids. And that sounds just perfect. I'm planning on squeezing in some sewing time too! 


  1. Oh your poor Mr.! I have chronic pain from exactly the same..the disk was pressing on the nerve for too long, now permanently damaged.
    Your mystery looks wonderful!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Ouch! Sorry to hear about the injury.

    I hope you two and the animals have a lovely, peaceful Christmas time.

    The mystery fabrics look great in both sizes! Hope you get a bit of quiet stitching time to put some together over your break.

  3. Those fabrics are great! Happy Holidays.