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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Art in the Barn Additions to the Studio

Sunday was the second day of the annual 'Art in the Barn' event .

Art in the Barn welcomes you to its 42nd annual juried fine art festival

This beautiful fall festival brings community and artists together for a weekend of fine art, family fun, music, food and entertainment.  Donations from artist and vendor sales provide funding for a local hospital's ongoing modernization campaign and commitment to excellence. 

The DH & I have been attending the past several years. We've enjoyed the event & made some modest purchases.  This year, DH scored a handmade coffee mug of the proper size - not an easy thing to find.  Think needle in a haystack.  

Proper size for his iced coffee is in the 32 oz range.

We also found a cool etching.

And I added some new small art for the studio.

It's by the same artist that did last year's small art I purchased.

I love flowers in Mason jars. In real life, as well as still life.  

A little different bright spot in the studio.

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