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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What Was I Thinking?

Remake the 'Midnight Flight to the Four Winds' quilt, I thought.

It will be so cool to see the design play out in a larger layout, I thought.

It will be perfect for the New Quilt From Old Favorite: Flying Geese Contest, I thought.

What was I thinking??  

Granted I still think all of the above things but a little bit of cold water reality has set in. 

If I thought the bird blocks would be time intensive at 38 pieces per block, it's because I failed to take a count of the flying geese units the design will need.  Flying geese that finish at 1 inch by 2 inches. And I'm still not sure how many I need to make, exactly.  I do know that each four-way intersection is 28 flying geese, consisting of 3 pieces each, equals 84 pieces. 

 There are some four way intersections and some 2 way intersections and some undecided intersections.  This part of the design needs to evolve as I go. 

Kind of curious to see how many pieces this quilt will have by the time it's finished. 

Up next - picking out the colors for the flying geese runs!

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