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Monday, September 12, 2016

Chores Before Chain-Piecing

Having cut 504 blue pieces 

and 408 color pieces,

The yellow bits wandered off somewhere...
 I was so ready to sit down and stitch already.

Not so much!  

Wild Cherry was overdue for some routine cleaning and oiling.  

And to be fair, poor Dot has been sitting in her case looking for some loving, and definitely needed some TLC.

WARNING - Graphic, grossness below. EEWWW!!!

Yeah - there was some crud built up in her gears. 

The girls were oiled and lubed.  

And they both got new led light bulbs.  These bulbs are the BEST thing ever!!  No more blazing hot bulb to burn my hand on. 

Wild Cherry is looking good and running great.

Dot, while she runs good, has a few rough spots on her bed. 

Her refinishing fund is slowly growing. My dream color for her is:

But that's down the road a ways.  Right now I need to get busy, fire up the featherweights, put the pedal to the metal and chain piece that living daylights out of the piles of pieces!

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  1. I'm sure they both appreciated a bit of TLC! They are such sweeties.