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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Amazon Prime Day = New Studio & Stash Additions

Amazon Prime Day is basically Black Friday in July.  Since DH & I are Prime members this year, I decided to check out some things, you know, just take a look see. What could it hurt?  Besides the checkbook, of course. 

There were a lot of items. A lot of items! And, since I didn't have all day to sit on the computer buying things we don't need, the checkbook was safe. I did score some new things for the studio & the stash. First up - Art Bin Double Deep Super Satchels.

These will provide some great project storage. Like for the new colors of Marcus Fabric Aged Muslins I got.

There are a few more colors of this collection I want to get my hands on. A few of them are:

Not sure what they are going to be yet, but I do like the muted colors and hand on these. They are a little older so finding them will be a challenge.

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