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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Slow Stitching Sunday

Last Sunday dawned bright and sunny, and hot and humid.

So I went riding. On days like this, you want to get your ride in early but even at 9:00 am, we were hot & sweaty just getting ready to ride. It's important to make sure all the horses & riders get plenty of water and take it easy.

After that, you can imagine it was time to take it easy, right?  Yeah, no.  It was time for some tree trimming.  Lumberjacking in the noon day sun - what fun!  There were a few dangerously low hanging branches endangering two corrals with electric fencing. 

By noon, I was pretty much done in and headed home.  The DH was taking it easy cause his back was bothering him which meant a low key afternoon.  By 3:00 pm, there was a distinct shift in the weather.

A storm front moved in with clouds, wind & a huge downpour.

What a welcome change!!  It was awesome! I was safely, happily ensconced in my studio, doing some slow stitching. 

By 8:30 pm, I had all four sides of the binding on the Phoenix Rising quilt turned and stitched down.

No, it didn't take 5 and a half hours just for the binding, there was laundry, cleaning, dinner and a trip to the bookstore in between stitches.  The corners still need to be finished but I am one step closer to being done.  Considering I dropped off the quilt show entry forms for this quilt & the Solstice Sampler on Saturday, almost being done is a good thing. That show is right around the corner on August 5th.

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