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Friday, July 28, 2017

Painted Quilt Details

I busted out my acrylic paints this week to add some shading to the center medallion of the Phoenix Rising quilt. By mixing in some textile medium, the paint flows better over the fabric.

In the first picture, the middle red feathers have had the edges painted.  It evens out the edges, filling in between the zigzag stitches and adding a slighter darker shade of middle red to the feathers.

In the next picture, the painting has been done on the orange feathers - particularly noticeable on the tail feathers.

The last picture of the night, the painted shading is done on everything except the darker red feathers.  I needed to pick up some cooler dark pink paint to mix into the reds I have in order to match the Kona Cotton Rich Red fabric.

Can't wait to get the last of the red feathers painted.  You can see the thread I use was variegated red and a it's a bit too light.  The paint will take care of darkening it, so it blends a little better. 
And the pink paints were an epic fail. ARGH!
But then I remembered the DH had bought me these awhile back (on clearance at Hobby Lobby!).

LOVELY!  I pulled them out & found a red shade actually match with NO mixing. Even better! The red fabric rectangle does not photograph true but the blob of paint to it's lower right is the match.

The red feathers were quickly painted. A few last minute touch ups with a black laundry marker and done.

Which means this quilt is a FINISH!   I'll get some full pictures once the final cleaning is complete and it's ready to go off to show. I am very happy with how it turned out and having it done before this weekend, as other adventures await.

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  1. Congrats! on a FABULOUS finish (and an ingenious solution to you coloration problem.)