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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Treadling Project sans Fabric, Thread & Machine

No, don't have the 1921 Singer 66 Redeye treadle machine up & running yet - that's still on my long term project list.  But the new project does involve a Singer treadle or more specifically the legs irons from a Singer treadle.

This pair was gifted from my friend, Scarlet last fall. They are just the end legs and perfect for the new TV stand for my studio. They are in great condition, though in need of cleaning.  While they don't feel dirty, the cast iron seems to attract and hold dirt differently - a scrubbing with dish soap didn't shift it. 

But I have a secret weapon!  409. Yep, it's grease cutting properties cuts through anything including light surface rust. Works great with a Scotch Brite pad.

It also works on aged cedar fence grunge - ask me how I know.
Summer 2017 Fence Cleaning
After washing, rinsing repeated and sun drying, the legs were ready for the next step - taping off the center medallion.  At first I was just going to paint everything and then go back & repaint the medallion in gold and red.

Until I found this when I cleaned them. Left side was after scrubbing and right side is before.

The original paint!  Plans changed and I decided it would be better to leave this, paint the legs and then use car wax to protect the medallion front.

So I taped off and painted. Which paint?  That was a BIG decision.  Many people repaint in gloss black. I found a bright red gloss set picture. And I considered a few  Rustoleum hammered paint colors.

Then I found this:

I set up the painting area on the patio and commenced.



And the unmasking:

I still need to wax the medallions but I am thrilled at how they turned out.  I have another set of these legs to make a matching machine shelf unit and will also use the soft iron paint on them

Up next is the wood portion of the project. Working in different mediums is a nice change of pace.


  1. Good job! The end result was worth all that effort.

  2. Looking great, happy you left the original paint on the medallions.