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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

An Early Thanksgiving Present

Thanksgiving Presents?  
Not something normally given but I got one!

It's a Project Present. 

On Sunday, a much anticipated gift arrived, pictures taken in the garage, before being moved into the studio.

She is a 1920 Singer Model #66 Treadle with the Red Eye decals, in Cabinet Table No.2.

And she's filthy dirty.

Technically owned by a dear friend, this treadle was originally her grandmother's machine, handed down through her mom to her.  No one has run her in about 30 years, though her action is smooth when I turn the hand wheel.  It's been kept in a finished basement for the last 10 years, thankfully! My friend will retain ownership, as it's a family heirloom, while I have custody.  In honor of the women who stitched on her, I am pleased to introduce...

 Ella Mae Lee!

Slide plate missing and one hinge may need to be replaced.
The cabinet is in pretty good, if dusty, condition.

The cleaning and restoration will be my winter project.  I will be going slowly and taking my time.  

I'll be posting picture of the progress of her restoration.  I am thrilled to be taking this on! I've always wanted a treadle and it's so much more special that I know the history of this one.  

This is what I'm hoping to get close too - it's good to have a goal.

I am very Thankful to have her home and have this opportunity to bring her back to her former useful self.

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  1. Fantastic!

    There's a woman on the Treadle On email list who sells all the bits and pieces if you need them. The side plate is often missing because people take it off and can't work out how to put it back (it goes on from the right).