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Friday, November 21, 2014

Venting and Planning

Why on Earth would anyone every sew fleece?  OMG!!!!  It’s wretched! And it black!! 

 So, I’m pretty much an unhappy camper sewer:
1.       I can’t STAND the feel of fleece;
2.      It’s a PAIN to sew through; and
3.      It’s causing EYE STRAIN because it’s black and I’m sewing with black thread!

Okay, there!  I feel better getting that off my chest!  Some days you have vent it out, pull on the big girl panties and keep sewing.  This is one of those projects.  I sometimes wonder how I get myself into the projects. I don’t know how exactly the Universe decides thing, I just know I get my fair share of these things.

On to more important news…

There may be a Road Trip in the future, the very near future.   Fingers crossed because a lot hinges on the weather.  We’ve been hit with some January temps and the area we need to travel through has received lake effect snow. Not Buffalo, New York snow but enough to think about.

 If, and this is a BIG IF, the temps warm enough in the next few days to melt everything and there are no more weather system moving through by Thanksgiving, a friend & I are hitting the road VERY early on Black Friday to head to Shipshewana.  It’s the twice a year (the other day is Good Friday) saddle horse and tack auction.   I was going to skip this year’s fall event & actually be able to start the Bonnie Hunter Mystery on Black Friday but then things changed. Like. They. Do.

Said friend has just recently begun jumping lessons.  Three weeks ago, during the lesson, one of her stirrups leathers came off the bar.  She retained her seat, stopped the horse and reattached the stirrup leather to the saddle.  One week later, the same thing happened with the stirrup leather, only this time, she took a fall. Nothing serious – she was wearing her helmet.  But this saddle came off the horse and went straight into the dumpster.  

It had lived out its useful life (it was an older, inexpensive training saddle).   Unsafe or worn equipment has no place in a barn! But that leaves her without a jumping training saddle.

So, we are on a saddle hunt! 

To Shipshewana.

Where my truck may make an unexpected stop at Lolly’s Fabrics, all on its own accord, of course!  

Looking forward to the Road Trip - it's the thought of it that will keep me sewing on the wretched fleece until this project is behind me. 

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  1. Hope you get done with those black fleece things soon. And all the best for the road trip!