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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Stopped At The Border

On Friday, I posted that the center section was done, except for the back seams and, as it turns out the top & bottom stop borders.

First the back seams - look close see the pins. 
Back seam pinned

Back seam hand sewn
The pattern of the backing fabric helps blend the back seams.

Need to add the missing stop borders before I could consider the outer border.

I needed to determine the border strip repeat - 7 3/4 inches so I could decide who wide the outer border would be  and make sure I had enough of the fabric to cut the strips from.

The outer border finished at approximately 5 inches wide. This picture shows the section I chose with the green/gold strips as the stop border and binding.

An outer border and backing attached to the bottom edge of the quilt.  Followed by the adjoining side, to create the first mitered corner.

Tomorrow - border quilting and binding!

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