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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tidbits and Thread Snips

Since I am working on Machine Quilting the French Braid quilt, there’s not a whole lot to show you. 

The extent of my current creative process goes like this:

            “Start thread, quilt along the marked line, stop, turn 45 degrees, quilt along the marked line, stop, turn 45 degrees, wrestle quilt section thru throat space, flatten, smooth, quilt along the marked line…”   Eventually, I get to “end thread, switch color and begin again.”  Not very action packed for pictures and certainly not great blog fodder to say the least!

And I CANNOT work on any other project until I get this done.

 Soooooo, what to write about??

Miscellaneous tidbits, it is!!

1. THREAD - I needed another spool of the Sulky 30wt Cotton Blendables thread (Color # 4044-Butterscotch) for this project so I *had* to stop in at a LQS on my way home from Michigan.  I love this color and the thread quilts beautifully, too.

2. FABRIC - Somehow, these two fat quarters ended up in my hot little hands. *GRIN* 

The one of the left is a fabric I pulled for the upcoming Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt – glad to have a bit more of it on hand. And the one on the right is for … absolutely no particular reason whatsoever – I just liked it.  They were running a ‘clear out the old to make room for the new’ sale over the weekend so I was lucky to make it out of there without blowing up the checkbook. 

3. CONTESTS - I’ve been checking out some quilt competitions for 2015.  I winced when I typed that.  I should clarify. No new challenges, just shows to maybe enter some of my existing work.  A started a spreadsheet and everything but no firm decisions yet.

4.  ZAPPA - Somebody is under the weather…

And he’s making his Daddy very worried.  I came home Sunday to discover that Zappa is off his food and having some tummy troubles.   He is still running around, tormenting his sisters.  The vet ran tests and nothing came back positive – good & bad news.  It appears he has a bug of some undetermined nature.  Lots of TLC, a little medicine and some time should do the trick.  If I can keep Sweet Man from climbing the walls with worry, we’ll be fine.

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