A View of My Quilt Life

Monday, November 7, 2016

An In-Between, Non-Fiber But Definitely Sewing Related Project

Way back in February, I purchased this at a local estate sale for a grand total of $30.

Life got crazy and it was relegated to a corner of the Studio.  After finishing up Fly Away Home, I dragged it up onto the sewing table for a closer inspection.

Lots of things were crammed into her case, including the service paperwork from 31 years ago.  It was exciting to have an original manual in there. 

And shoved in the back behind the machine was a cache of bobbins - YAY!!

Pulling her out, I got a good look at her grungy little self. Ick! And the familiar old case stink was wafting out big time.

Thankfully, the finish on the 301a is a lot tougher than the finish on a featherweight.  This girl needed some serious scrubbing. SMO wasn't budging the grunge.  I broke the big cleaning guns  - 409 and an old soft toothbrush - and got down to business. Before and after shots below.

And the gross aftermath of paper towels and Q-tips.

While cleaning up the outside, I had to rotate the hand wheel. Can you say crunchy?  There was some definite resistance.  I opened her up to find the insides clean but the gear lube dry and of course, she was begging for oil.

Once I had lubed & oiled the action was much smoother.  Haven't threaded her up & put pedal to the metal yet. After the spa treatment, she spent some time outside enjoying the crisp, fresh autumn air, freshening up her parts and case.
Test sewing needs a project.  I may have a quilt hanging around here that needs to be quilted. 


  1. Ah, she feels like a new machine!

  2. Great cleaning up job! She looks lovely without all the gunge. What a bargain to get all those goodies as well for only $30. I hope she sews well!