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Friday, November 11, 2016

Cherrywood Challenge - Old & New

Cherrywood Challenge

The Old Challenge: The Lion King
A while back, I got some goodies in the mall that I forgot to write about.  
Backstory - From the 304 entries of the Cherrywood Challenge: The Lion King, 138 finalists were chosen. I was fortunate to be among them and earned a spot in the book. 

From those 138 finalists, 120 were chosen for the traveling exhibit.  My entry didn't make that cut but is being retained by Cherrywood to display in their booth at different quilt venues around the country. Works for me, as my quilt has already been to Manhattan!

The Lion King challenge was co-sponsored by The Disney Theatrical Group.  They are the ones that sent the goodies:

Canvas tote bag


And I bought a few things too

The New Cherrywood Challenge:  Van Gogh

Just revealed on November 2nd, the new challenge runs from now until August 1, 2017. 
My fabric arrived the other day.

Now to find an inspiration and start designing.

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