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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Seeking Studio Warmth

The recent cold snap sent us scurrying to find a new space heater for my studio.  The laminate floor is directly on top of the concrete slab and while the new area rug cuts some of the radiant cold, the old sliding glass doors aren't especially efficient.  The old small space heater lasted several years before smoking it's way out the door!

Normally, I would go find a another modest heater. 

Except this year, DH insisted I indulge in one a little more aesthetically pleasing.  He knew I really liked the old wood stove look. So now I have this to warm my tootsies while sewing.

I've already had it on several times and it is quite warming, as it's rated for up to 1000 sq. feet.

And while perusing the various electric heaters on display at 3 different stores, we ran across this:

It was on clearance & just the perfect size for the living room.  Well, it will be once the move a set of shelves to the office.  A good decision really as the shelves are a bit hunky for the room.  It needs to be visually lightened up. It wasn't something we were really hunting for but we decided to take advantage of the find and it is an early Anniversary gift to ourselves.

UPDATE:  I came home on Friday to find DH had everything moved around and the fireplace in its new spot cranking out heat making for a cozy evening.


  1. I love these faux fireplaces too! Stay warm!

  2. Looks like you're all set for a warm winter.

  3. Love the new heaters!