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Monday, November 28, 2016

Launching the New Mystery Quilt

It's Started!!  
Bonnie Hunter's Annual Mystery Quilt is underway.  The launch date was Black Friday but I didn't start on mine until Sunday. Check out En Provence Mystery  link up to see everyone's progress!

Here are Bonnie's colors:

I've done the past few in all batiks. Last year I did a lap size (not yet quilted!) and a miniature.  This year, I am doing just a miniature, using Cherrywood hand dyed fabrics. 
The first fabric pull with various neutrals awaiting auditioning:

Which narrowed down to this:
Or this:

And I thought the navy would be okay as the only neutral but I re-thought that after the first clue was released. Back to the stash to find some other blues to add to the mix. 

Doing a mini requires quilt math. So far, the four patch units aren't tricky in that department. Basically, I half the finish size and then add in the seam allowance back in.

My four patches are done.

Now, I need to start on a special little guy's new quilt. And I do have an exciting quilt announcement.


  1. Your colors are so vibrant - absolutely gorgeous! Your quilt is going to be beautiful! I can't wait to see now it progresses!

  2. I look forward to seeing this combination come together.

  3. Your mini 4-patches are adorable. Looking forward to hearing your quilt announcement!

  4. Yum - the blue neutral is going to look great with those bright fabrics.

  5. Beautiful fabric choices! Your 4-patches are 1 + 1/2" finished?

  6. wonderful colors! can't wait to see this one progress.