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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Adventure with the DH

What’s it like car shopping with the DH? 

It’s like taking a kid to a candy store & having him run amok!

Well, almost.  The time has come to retire his well-loved 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser. It has served him well over the past 8 years.

The biggest hurdle we face, besides remaining within budget, is that the DH is not exactly set on what kind of vehicle he wants at this point in his life.  Previously, when he was working and driving on average of 100 miles a day, small, cheap & fuel efficient where the main criteria. 

Now that he is effectively medically retired, it’s a new ball game – one in which the parameters are broader and somewhat undefined. Great!

Thankfully, he has finally given up on the idea of a zoom-zoom car (fast, small, sporty and dangerous) He wants something that can haul wood (including full sheets of plywood) or 5 guys with gear for a trip away, not too large, not too small, fuel efficient, used but not old or with too many miles, new if not terribly expensive (HA!),  equipped with a roof rack if small or large, and maybe can be used as a tow vehicle (for what, I am afraid to ask!).

Needle, haystack, unicorn - you get the picture. 

Because he is being open to whatever we stumble across in our search, we haven’t quite decided on a make or model, though I believe after last Sunday’s outing searching car lots while they were closed, we are getting there! We have narrowed the field considerably.

He truly needs a minivan. 

The very same type of vehicle he made fun of me driving back in 2001 when we met. A soccer mom vehicle, he called it. A comment for which I promptly whacked him upside the head for…on our first date.  I drove a 1998 Ford Aerostar – yes, a minivan but it was built on a truck chassis.

Loved that truck!  Drove it into the ground.

Hopefully, he finds whatever it is he needs to have vehicle-wise and soon, as it is making him anxious.  And I refuse to spend the next month car shopping. There is Quilting to do!


  1. How about a Ford 150 truck?

  2. Good luck with finding something! We had just started the car features wish-list when Dad decided he wasn't going to drive any more and gave me his. So that put off the whole process for a few more years!