A View of My Quilt Life

Friday, May 5, 2017

NQM, Paducah, Kentucky - New Quilts from an Old Favorite: Flying Geese

Last Friday, I was at the National Quilt Museum, hanging out with a great bunch of quilters, signing books for a bigger bunch of enthusiastic quilters, and talking all things quilt,  while surrounded by some of the most gorgeous quilts on exhibit in the different rooms of the museum.

It was a blast! There were 15 finalists, representing 14 of the 18 finalists present, making for a long and noisy table!  I was on the far (?) end with Julia Graber – a 13 time(!) finalist/winner of the NQOF contest. Julia & I met two years ago doing the same thing.  We had new faces at the table and old friends. 

The NQOF: FG exhibit & book is amazing, edited by the wonderful Linda Baxter Lasco. Linda did a great job with all the quilt & artist stories.  

The book is available at the museum, on AQS & on Amazon. I got my copy signed by all the artists in attendance.

While picture taking is absolutely prohibited in the museum, there is an allowance made for those in this exhibit. 

We are allowed to take a few pictures of our own quilt in this unique setting and a few of the pertinent information.  

There was also a group photo taken – need to find that!

And, yes, the last thing I did before leaving the museum was to touch a corner of my quilt & send it on its way.  I won’t see it again for almost two years.

A few NQM purchases completed my visit:

The quilt artwork on the greeting card is by Susan Schmitt. Love this image. It’s going into a small frame for the studio.  The quilt on the card reminds me of a bouquet of flowers.

See the little scribble inscribed wood spreader? It’s cherry - you know I had to have it!

The dvd follows three different quilters and their journey making award winning quilt entries from 2010.  Surprised I don’t already own this, as the concept is cool & you can always learn something new.

The basket was a no-brainer!  I have a tiny collection of Ghana baskets.  The bright green is perfect for Spring & the studio. 

And speaking of my studio – it needs a good, old fashioned Spring Cleaning! There is a new project that needs to get going - that's the plan for this weekend.


  1. Cherry your quilt looks wonderful hanging in the quilt show - wonderful to see your talent exhibited so that others will see your work. Very happy and very proud of you! Huzzah!!!!

  2. Congratulations on your success with your Flying Geese quilt!

    I have a copy of Stitched, but unfortunately it hangs about 30 mins in. Fortunately I have already seen the whole film once.