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Friday, May 12, 2017

Quilt Project Alone Time!

This week I am revisiting the inner works of the Michigan House, i.e., the Plumbing!

The original plan was to set up the appointment and have my Dad be onsite for a few days to coincide with the appointment. Then the Plumber bills me & I write the check – a simple, easy, straight-forward plan.

Then the wheels fell off the bus. Or rather, more accurately - the arterial stent got displaced. 

Dad is fine – just had some chest pain, went to hospital, got admitted, and discovered a stent (1 of 5) that was placed just last year in the back of the heart got displaced & was restricting blood flow.  It happens.  The doctors went in & placed another stent right below the displaced one. However, Dad is on restricted activity.  I decided he is NOT allowed to be at the Michigan House right now, especially not alone.  Since this was not going to be a popular decision, I circumvented the ensuing discussion on it by simply failing to update Dad on when the Plumber appointment actually is. Sneaky, I know but oh, so necessary.

Luckily, I can work remotely. The New Plan gives me 2 evenings plus 2 whole days of uninterrupted time for Quilting!!! I am thrilled to say the least, and very, very thankful I have this flexibility. 

On the agenda:

The Van Gogh Quilt

It needs to be layered & quilted and possible have more details added in fabric first.  I was brushing my teeth Monday morning, when an idea popped into my head.  Have to go digging into the Cherrywood stash drawer & see what I find before I can audition the background embellishment idea further. It may come to nothing and I revert back to what I have planned.

The story of this quilt is almost ready to shared.

The Construction Equipment Quilt

It needs to be layered & quilted. The quilting will be straightforward and utilitarian and it’s meant for using by a four year old, which means washing machine & dryer stable.  I figure this will be a break from the Van Gogh quilt if I run into a creative brain cramp.  It happens – I acknowledge that sometimes things need to percolate a bit and occur in the right time.

The Phoenix quilt

Center block needs constructing, then set on point with black background and three more months directions I didn’t have yet.  The other day, DH very nicely stopped in the LQS, with written instructions in hand, and picked them up.  They are very straight forward after I get the center block done, though there is still some design work.  Good thing cause this is going to be tricky.  Fortunately, I've packed some lovely cider to take along. 

I am ambitious trying to get a LOT of quilt work done in my little time away.  Fingers crossed!

UPDATE:  DH has a new vehicle - a 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan SE Plus.  It's his first ever new, new car!

And just in the nick of time!  The old one was trying it's best to stall at stoplights on the way to the dealer and the 'check engine' light came on, too.  We had to buy something Tuesday night because we were 100% certain his old car would make it back home.  

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  1. Looking forward to seeing all the progress you make on the quilts, especially the Van Gogh quilt.

    Huzzah on the new car for Will - fun to drive a new car isn't it?