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Monday, May 15, 2017

Quilting Getaway - Thursday Evening

Thursday Day - Work, Plumber, Work.
Thursday Evening - Quilting!  I started on the Phoenix Challenge piece. 

First up - coloring. I have 7 shades ranging from yellow to dark red that need to be worked in the phoenix. It only took three tries to get a version I was happy with. Third times a charm!

Then I took some time to work out the plan - coding and numbering the pattern pieces. Breaking them out by color and tagging the drawing. 

And I came to a startling discovery. The phoenix has 59 pieces!  That's a lot of pieces to insure proper fit, almost blindly on a black background, and fuse all at once. It was about that time, I called it quits for the day rather than risk making a late night mistake.

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