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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bits 'n' Pieces

On Tuesday morning, this is what my sewing table looked like this

And the floor looked like this

Wonder what happened?  Sewing Happened!!  Monday afternoon while the spareribs were in the oven, I spent some time stitching on the blocks for Row #4 (April) of the Daring Downton Debacle Challenge Quilt

Normally, with paper foundation piecing the un-sewing is minimal but this time my pieces were shifting around & fighting me, so my seam ripper was busy.

The blocks are not yet blocks but still components, needing some pressing and the paper removed.  

I had stored the parts out of the reach of the Dog-o-Matic Paper Removal Machine.  BUT somehow, Drake managed to get a hold of Row #5 (May) cutting directions. 

ARGH!!!!!  This row is the most complicated - I made it for Row #3 - it uses 17 colors across only 3 blocks (2 blocks are repeats). I'll be working on this row next week...just as soon as I recreate the missing half of the list.

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  1. The blocks are looking good so far! Too bad that the dog wasn't quite so helpful this time...