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Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Start of Summer

It's here the unofficial start to summer - Memorial Day Weekend!

Planned activities around here include: digging in the dirt, adding more dirt to what we already have, planting flowers in the holes dug in the dirt and covering the dirt with mulch.

We are using cypress mulch again though there was a discussion in the middle of the garden center at Home Depot about natural color 

vs. the dyed red mulch 

(the color would just pop, he said. Who is he and where is my DH? Too many DIY shows!).  

Given that Drake has decided mulch is a necessary fiber component of his diet, the natural mulch won the discussion.  I have no idea what the coloring would do to his insides and sure as heck, don't want to find out!

I managed to do a little more plant shopping last Sunday while in Michigan, in addition to reallocating the variegated hostas.  I focused on shade loving perennials and will share them once I get that part of the garden all planted. 

The shade garden will be sporting a new fence this year.  

The dogs LOVE to jump over the wee one that surrounds the garden to keep them out & away from the plants.  Not only does this make me crazy, it increases the chance that Hobbes will hurt himself indulging in puppy behavior at his age.  So new fencing it is!  Each section like the one picture is 24 inches high and 36 inches long - hinged in two places to follow any outline needed. The checkbook cringed a little at this decision but it will recover.

This is the first year my Sweet Man will be involved in the backyard.  Though it's only the size of a postage stamp, it's been strictly my domain for the past 10 years.  Health issues and lack of knowledge (this is his first house) kept him away. I think getting the shed and those DIY shows have spiked his interest.  

He actually cut the grass last week - for the first time ever! Mind you, that chore takes maybe 10 minutes total - the yard is that small!  Since it is so wee, this is the grass cutter we use - human powered! No frills, no fuss & no gas!

Before any dirt gets dug today - I'm on mission:  Pick up the Featherweight Girls from the service man!  Both girls are ready and I'm anxious to get them home.  One step closer to having the as yet unnamed 1949 FW repainted!  Really going to have to narrow down the color choice.

Have a Happy Saturday and Welcome to Summer!

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  1. Happy summer!

    I'd vote for the natural mulch, too. And I like your fence!