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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Garden Update

As promised, this post shows the latest additions to our yard over the long holiday weekend.  

The shade garden had all of the old mulch raked out and  a few hostas were moved around to make way for some new perennials.  I chose two new plants to add this year - giving us color and texture, as well as contrast to the variegated hostas.

The first is False Spirea - Astilbe xarendseii 'Fanal'.  The glossy green sawedge leaves are contrasted with a bright violet feather flower.

The second is Coral Bells - Heuchera 'Cajun Fire' PPAF.   I chose this variety for the dark red purple leaves.


This is how they play together in the far corner of the garden. 

 The tall cedar structure is slated to get a fun coat of paint this summer.

Here's a shot of the shade garden sporting the new fence. The area needs a little more tweaking & cleaning, and a little more mulch.

The daylillies have been moved a bit to accommodate the shed's arrival.  The plants on the far right are a new peachy-pink variety that I picked up this year. More mulch to come for these plants. 

Tomatoes in their pots, placed to get maximum sun, though they may move to the upstairs deck for even more hours of sunshine. One is a 'Sun Sugar' cherry and the other is a Rainbow Heirloom.

Lavender in a pot on the backyard table - the color of the flowers match the paint scheme!

And finally the front pots adding a splash of color on the walkway. Can't wait until these grow and fill in a bit more.

Need to straighten these pots a bit!
It's good to have plants planted and mulch in place - time to enjoy the summer weather!

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  1. Hooray for the beginning of gardening season!

    I love planting new stuff then watching it grow and fill up the space over time.