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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Daring Downton Abbey Challenge - May!

The final month of the Daring Downton Debacle Quilt Challenge is upon us!  

Since I didn't accomplish much of anything on April’s row until the other night, I couldn't pick up May’s guidelines until Tuesday night.  Thankfully, you only need to do something, anything – no one’s grading me on progress - except myself that is and I get a D for April!  Here’s the grand total of what I done on the April row of Mary’s blocks.

I do have the pieces all cut for the outside sections and 40 HSTs are done for the corners.  Now I need to just sit & stitch.

May’s row requires me to use quarter square triangles.  

What to make?  What to make?   

My very late night on Monday (emergency dog sitting in a nasty thunderstorm) was catching up to me. After I snagged the guidelines from the shop, I was way too wiped out to do much thinking, let alone pull out the quilt block book & browse.  Turns out I don’t have too!!

The row I made for March, Castle in the Air block, uses quarter square triangles.

Since the outer two rows (1 and 5) are the same, Gentleman’s Fancy & Mary’s Block, if I repeat the Castle in the Air row (2 and 4) it will totally balance the quilt! 

Oh, Happy Quilting Accident!!

Here is a computer generated picture of all the completed rows.

We were also provided finishing directions for sashing & borders – that’s going to take a little more brain power…and another blog post.

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  1. Brilliant! That is going to look fantastic.