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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pink Pineapple

Ever See a Pink Pineapple?

How about a Pink Pineapple Quilt?

It started with some paper foundation piecing. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the use of the Dog-o-Matic Magic Paper Removal System for this, so I had to do it myself.  Each pineapple block measures 4 ½ inches unfinished. Each ‘leg’ measuring 3/8 inch wide finished, with 40 legs per block.

You: Umm, these pineapple blocks aren’t pink - not even close!

Me: Yes, I know that.

You: Then why did you ask if we’ve ever seen a Pink Pineapple Quilt?

Me: Because there’s more to this quilt than these 4 blocks…

Introducing my latest project – Pink Pineapple - which is also my newest FINISH! 
Pink Pineapple - 16" x 16"
All hand dyed fabric, raw edge fused applique and paper foundation pieced, and machine quilted.

This is my entry for the Quilt Alliance Inspired By Contest .
Deadline for entries is June 1st - I'm ahead of schedule for once!

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic pineapples, both pink and pieced! Good luck in the contest, I'd love to win that prize.