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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cutting a Hay Field and Wading Through Puddles

Okay, so it wasn't really a hay field but the grass at the Michigan house hadn't seen a lawn mower yet this spring until this past Sunday.  I was bound and determined to cut as much as possible so the task wouldn't be impossible Memorial Day weekend.  

Unfortunately, the recent rains have part of the yard back under water and most of the north lot is a giant moss covered sponge!   Yes, I did squish about on it to see just wet it was - let's just say I was glad to be wearing the knee high fireman boots! And no, there aren't any pictures of that fashion statement
Standing water behind the house, though not as much as by the shed!

There were also quite a few branches down, not surprising given the strong winds that accompanied the rain storms.  This one hit the back of the house with enough force to knock things off the  wall & fireplace mantle. 

Most everything is in good shape but behind schedule.  The dogwood is looking a bit peaked this year, so we'll have to see what it looks like in a few weeks when it has more leaves - if it does.  Hopefully the winter cold didn't weaken & damage it.
Dogwood not making a splashy showing this year.
You: But what about sewing? Didn't you do any sewing on this road trip?

Me: Yes, yes I did and I have a finish to show for it...tomorrow.

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