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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Finally Some Sewing!

Working a new schedule this week at work is taking some adjusting.  But finally, finally, last evening I marched downstairs to the studio to see what could be accomplished.

There was some of this

and even more of this

and finally, finally I have something to show!

On the left is the brand new, just pieced fourth row of the five row Daring Downton Debacle Challenge Quilt.  The unmade row is definitely a challenge with 17 colors across only 3 blocks (2 blocks are the same but opposite facing).  I have a new cut list made for row # 5, replacing the one Drake ate, to keep me on track.

Need to get busy on that so I can then design the sashing & borders. I have a road trip planned for this weekend and of course, a sewing machine will be coming along!

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  1. You are getting somewhere on this quilt now.